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I need help, people!

2010-12-09 21:10:58 by Doo-Hero

Does anyone know how to convert exe's into swf files? Because I would like to post some Doo Hero games but they are all exe files. So I would like it if someone could help me. Thanks.

People... to let you know

2010-12-03 21:13:02 by Doo-Hero

My old display picture was made and designed by 'MrNumbers.' He is the producer of the Doo Hero comics. So follow him for some pictures and the comic. Thank you.

Doo Hero is now expanding!!

2010-12-01 20:22:27 by Doo-Hero

Hello people of Newgrounds, I am the great Doo Hero! I have come here to expand my awesomeness, so you all may bask in my glory. For now I may be small, but one day, I will be big and up there with the other games that you all have played and loved. I hope some of you can follow me on facebook /123082757727936?v=wall

~Doo Hero